Problems During Delivery

Forceps and Vacuum Extractors

Occasionally, during the pushing stage of labor (second stage), a baby will be close to being born, but “not quite there yet”. This is often the most stressful time for a mother or baby. A mother may be exhausted or nearly so, and a baby may show signs of head and cord compression (which usually… »


Throughout history, blood loss after delivery and its associated complications have accounted for more maternal deaths than any other reason except infection. This is no longer the case when a woman is cared for by a competent clinician supported by a reasonably modern health care system. Overall, approximately 6% of women will have an estimated… »

Shoulder Dystocia

In a small percentage of births, the baby’s shoulder will become locked under the mother’s pubic bone immediately after delivery of the head. The doctor or midwife may be unable to deliver the baby with the usual hand skills. Every doctor and midwife is trained in the handling of this emergency, and there are several… »